Exploring New Worlds For The Benefit of Humanity, Powered By Fusion.


Fusion for Space Exploration & Travel: "A Dividend for Humanity”

Below is a statement from Morgan Sterling Saletta, from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

“Economically profitable resource exploitation in space is becoming increasingly feasible as more actors - national, public and private-are engaging in space exploration. The Outer Space Treaty (OST), which serves as the basis for the current corpus juris spatialis, declares that no government can claim sovereignty over celestial bodies or outer space itself. Because this is generally interpreted as denying private ownership, the OST is sometimes claimed to be an obstacle to commercial venture, particularly resource exploitation. Such claims ignore a wealth of terrestrial models which promote profitable commercial resource exploitation independent of fee-simple ownership. To achieve an approach to space exploration and exploitation which balances national, international, and commercial interests and a need to prevent conflict and militarization of outer space, terrestrial approaches to managing resource exploitation should be carefully examined for frameworks and mechanisms with potential to serve as models in further elaborating an international regime for space resource exploitation. A previously overlooked terrestrial example, the Alaska Permanent Fund, and its unique citizen's dividend, is explored as one possible model for such a balanced approach that could encourage profit-driven exploration and exploitation of extra-terrestrial resources, reduce the risk of conflict between actors in outer space and simultaneously accrue tangible benefits to all of humanity”


“Fusion is the next global currency in this era of Space Exploration & Travel”


Our Company

Fusion is the cleanest form of energy in the world today which has now become a reality. The Formula Green Corporation is a company which is focused in the development and use of Fusion Energy for the benefit of humanity in our world and beyond.

Backed by one of the leading Philanthropic Funds in the world - the Maharlika Trust, FGC seeks to support companies which have created value in the supply chain, the development of facilities and distribution channels to advocate the use of Fusion. Our support also extends to selected research & development capabilities from the academe which provide value to power cities and space exploration & travel using Fusion energy.